Inches do count.

Inches aren’t always boring mathematical expresssions, they are a lot more than that. A biro is a little taller than 3 inches, the average car is a little lesser than 72 inches in height, but those aren’t the inches we’re talking about here in real estate. Given our statistically- analysing nature as people, it’s not uncommon to wonder the height, depth or width of things we come across every day. Every time you stumble on a massive edifice or house, you see the projections of class, colours, size and architectural masterpieces, but you don’t see the thousand blocks that have been painted upon that make the house an existing structure.Doctors understand that our bones are of great importance to sustaining our overall form, health, and for this reason, they recommend calcium for it. Engineers don’t compromise on block’s quality either, as it could sabotage years of competence and hard labour. I grew up in a city where houses defined the state of your pocket and your roof was an exposition into the number of meals you eat per day. 21st century real estate has given us a bigger scale of that. In 2022 alone, over 9,766 buildings collapsed, and of those, 1,016 houses collapsed due to inconsistencies that surrounded block strength, and depth. As muscles make a titan of a bodybuilder, so do the blocks make a titan of the building. These blocks are worthy of more accolades than they get. 4 inches, 6 inches, and 9 inches are the MVPs. The fences, the walls, the spacings and edges are products of these bricks or blocks as they’re commonly called in Nigeria.In construction, the various professionals involved understand the value of blocks. Engineers seek the city’s finest or even make the blocks on site just for the purpose of quality. The architect’s blueprint masterpiece is only as good as the eventual outcome, the bricklayers’ satisfaction is with handling good blocks that can remain strong regardless of the rain, the sun or even time. “Seest thou a block that is strong and concrete? It shall stand within/between/above blocks of great buildings”. Funny one, right? It’s just a little scripture for the blocks. What’s the essence of a land without a brick or block anyway?Ohhh, perhaps, it’s a farmland where grasses and trees are all that thrive. Blocks have transformed the sphere of construction, and this has broadened the sector of modern architecture. The 12th century Leaning Tower of Pisa that exists as a monument till this day was made of blocks. Not much surprise on that one. Blocks are of utmost importance to an edifice; giving towering heights to skyscrapers, fire safety, sound control and a sleek appeal to the building. And the best part about blocks are the durable nature of their creations. Houses made of blocks can stand for decades, and centuries even. So, next time you see a awesome building or a breathtaking terrace, remember the bricks that stand to gift you the view and building. Those inches really do matter, and should be treated as such.

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