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We specialize in buying, selling, and managing a diverse range of properties, from flats to high-end new buildings, in Ibadan and throughout Nigeria.

Trust us to not only find you reliable tenants but to also work towards maximizing the value of your investment for a satisfying return. Invest smartly, with us.

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Step into a world of unparalleled professionalism and expertise with us, the non-conventional Estate Agents. Armed with extensive knowledge as Estate Surveyors and Valuers, our team has passed rigorous professional exams and earned numerous accolades for our exceptional service. Trust us to provide a sterling experience like no other.

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Tenants potentially depreciate the value of your apartment over time, and settle for low rent compared to new properties in the area. With our expertise, you can avoid having to spend your hard-earned rent money on costly renovations.

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What we are capable of:

Maximize your investment returns and guarantee peace of mind with our expert property management services. Our thorough tenant screening process, including a detailed personal data analysis, ensures that we secure only credible and reliable tenants for your property, ensuring regular rent payments and avoiding any management headaches.

Let us take the reins and serve as your trusted realtor, representing you in all aspects of property management. Our focus is on ensuring both investment returns and tenant satisfaction.

With our efficient collection of payments, we make sure that you receive your rental income in a timely manner. We handle all payments and remit them to you, without any hassle.

We also ensure that the tenants adhere to the provisions of the lease agreement and fulfill their obligations, and conduct routine inspections to keep the property in top condition.

We understand the importance of your investment, and our professional fee, approved by the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria, reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional results. With many satisfied landlords and landladies already under our management, we would be honored to take care of your property as well.

Frequently asked questions

How frequently can I increase rent?

There can be an amendment to rent after Five (5) years or when there has been a major upgrade and/or renovation on the apartment.

What are your usual tenancy terms?
  1. The tenant reserves the right to employ a night guard of his/her choice.
  2. The tenant covenant to maintain peace and quiet occupation of the said let premises by not causing noise and disturbance via his electronic or through any form of equipment or machine.
  3. The tenant agrees to carry out minor repairs affecting the let premises, e.g., louvers, doors, locks, wash hand basin, bathtub etc.
  4. The tenant agrees that in addition to the above, he will make a joint contribution with other tenants of the building facilities jointly used by all the tenants, in reasonable shares and contribution.
  5. The tenant agrees to at all times maintain good sanitary condition of the house and removal of the sewage in the soak-away and its environment by himself and in co-operation with other tenants when such call is made.
  6. The tenant agrees to contribute to the caring for the well/ borehole in the premises and not to do anything to pollute or contaminate the well/ borehole.
  7. The tenant agrees to report any major damage in the house to the landlord or his agent for quick attention for example leaking or blown off roof.
  8. The tenant agrees to obey and abide with all rules and regulations of the council of the landlord /Agent in the area where the house is situated in respect of security, peace and cooperation of all tenant etc. and other environmental regulation laws from the government.
  9. The tenant is to give the landlord /agent at least two months’ notice in the event of his /her desire to quite the apartment let to him or payment of two month rent in lieu of notice and the landlord / Agent or the agent has the right and authority to eject the tenant and any rent outstanding which has not been used will be used will be refunded to the tenant.
  10. The tenant covenant to settle all debts owed by him in the event of its desire to vacate the building of which it was put in possession, such as electricity bills, night guard’s dues etc.
  11. The tenant covenant to put the apartment let to him in a good and tenantable condition as it was when he was put in possession, in the event of its desire to vacate the building and to hand over all keys and locks belonging to the landlord / Agent at the expiration of its tenancy to the landlord or his agent.
  12. The tenant shall not cook in the passage/ compound except in the kitchen or a place reserved for the purpose.
  13. The landlord /agent reserve the right to terminate or renew the said tenancy after giving the statutory notice.
  14. That the tenant shall not cause any trouble or quarrel with his co-tenant or disturb the peace of the house. Dispute must be referred the landlord or agent.
  15. That the tenant shall not assign, sublet or transfer any part of the premises without previous consent in writing of the landlord/ Agent or her agent.
  16. The tenant shall not be allowed to rear any kind of animal in the premises.
  17. The tenant shall not stay outside beyond 22.00pm and the gate locked (except in time of emergency to other occupant of the property).
  18. Should the agent for landlord / Agent intend to make use of the said let premises, one month notice shall be given to the tenant in writing
  19. To permit the landlord /Agent or her agents, with or without workmen and other, to enter upon the premises at all reasonable time during the daytime to examine the state and condition thereof and evidence of settlement of utility bills and thereupon the landlord /agent or her agent may give tenant notice in writing of all wants or repairs, cleaning, painting, amendment to the premises, outstanding bills etc. requiring the tenant to effect or execute the described works within one month of such notice and the tenants default, then to permit the landlord or his agent to enter upon the premises and execute such works at the expenses of the tenant and such expenses to be paid by the tenant the landlord  upon demand.
  20. Not to make, permit, or suffer to be made alteration, modification addition to the said let premises without the prior consent in writing of the landlord / Agent his duly authorized agents.
  21. The tenant shall bear any cost of damage or destructions to the property or premises let to him occasioned by his negligence and deliberate action.
  22. The tenant agrees that any breach of any provision of this agreement would attract termination of the tenancy and invoking the irrelevant clause to eject the tenant.
  23. The tenant shall pay all electricity bills, water rate, night guard dues etc., seven days before vacating the property pursuant to a notice to quite or by tenant vacating the property at his own self will.
  24. The tenant undertakes to provide a guarantor for his tenancy and the guarantor form duly executed.
  25. That pursuance to the above fresh tenancy agreement shall be entered into by the tenant and the landlord.
  26. Not to store petrol and any other inflammable products or burn candle in the demised premises. If this covenant is contravened all damages resulting their form will be borne by the tenant.
  27. Not to use or allow to be used coal, firewood, or other cooking fuels that emit large obnoxious fumes, smoke soot, capable of staining the walls, ceiling, etc. or pound yam or do any pounding of whatever sort inside the demised premises other than in the yard or compound.
  28. Not to perforate the walls for the purpose of installation of wall or window unit air conditioner.
  29. Not to install radio, television aerial or any manner of receiving or broadcasting mast on the roof or any part of the demised premises without the previous written consent of the landlord / Agent or their agent and to indemnify the landlord / Agent in respect of any damages to the roof or other parts of the demised premises caused directly or indirectly by such installation.
  30. To bear, pay and discharge all local administration rates imposed or charge upon the owner of the Premises as may be applicable to it.
  31. To keep the interior of the Premises and fixtures and fittings therein in good and tenantable repair and condition reasonable wear and tear and damage by fire (not willfully or negligently caused) or act of God generally expected).
  32. Not to use part of the entire Premises for any illegal purpose, not to use same to cause nuisance or annoyance to the users or occupier of adjoining premises.
  33. Not to assign, sublet or otherwise part with the Premises in any form to any other person without the prior written permission of the Landlord first obtained.