modern 3 bedroom bungalow design that suite low budget

These design Consist of 3D Design of 3 Bedroom Bungalow that can seat total area land of  400sqm of land and above including compound and up-to 4 car packing space.

The design can suite any area in part of Nigeria, and it’s one of the latest and modern design of 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria, it can be accommodated in a lot with 16m frontage, 18m depth and minimum of 295m2 lot area required.

The porch is 4m by 2m which while main entrance door of this three bedroom bungalow house design is wood panel door and arched steel window. (This can be replacing with any types of local design) size of each room can accommodate up-to 6 to 10 people.

We have master’s bedroom and 2 bedroom additional rooms. Master’s bedroom is en-suite with toilet and bathroom while other 2 Bedroom is suited for couple. The other right side consists of the play room, dining, kitchen, service area, a small storage room, and laundry area.

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