Architectural Design of 2 Bedroom flat with Decking and modern infrastructure

Small 2 Bedroom Bungalow house design occupying  60m2 total floor area which can be built on a half plot of land from the range of 135m2 total land area.

This design is open kitchen like America building and it can also be built on a narrow lot provided that the wall will be erected from the living room but this can make the kitchen a kind of small in size. The roof can be re-designed to PAN or another pattern design if you cant coup with the cost of decking.

This is the typical house plans preferred in some part of Nigeria most especially when area of the land is small or due to its economic aspect because the house can be completed under low income or budget.

If this design is your choice or related to your desire, contact us for plan measurement; we can re adjust or design your dream project, kindly contact us for Survey plan, structural details, building plan, Approval, Cost analysis, Site Inspection and Construction at pocket friendly cost.

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