How to process CofO in any part of Oyo state Nigeria, its price, duration, procedure and reasons for Certificate of Occupancy.

All lands belong to state government except the one sublease to individual by government and issue them a Certificate of Occupancy for periods of 99 years why other land users without C of O are occupant by non recognitions and that is why some property are been demolished without refund or compensation by government.

Certificate of Occupancy (CofO)

There are other Government Issue document before existence of Certificate of Ownership which is land grant and conveyance. Land grant is the types of document issues by monarchy during pre-colonial administration, it carry same weight of so call CofO of our current generation.


After independence, we have conveyance and it’s still valid till date because there are other properties that still have conveyance document. It can be search in ministry of land for verification but new applicant cannot process it they process CofO instead.  

Before government can issues CofO for individual or cooperate organization, lot of processing and background check will be done by government agency to be sure the land coordinate does not fall under government acquisition or other government future usage. But of incase government is interested to use the same land area for a purpose, affected CofO holder will get government refund or reward compensations.

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A Certificate of Occupancy is a kind of document that officially proves that a building and owner complies with the development plans that were submitted to the local building authority.

More also, Certificate of Occupancy is a type of document that is leading any name giving to document when it comes to real estate and property document in Oyo State and other part of the country in Nigeria. It’s a certificate of owing a specific property sign by the state government of every state in Nigeria.

When you’re getting ready to a construction or in a process of changing the ownership of a specific property, you may need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy as a proof of ownership or you already own a property but you need valid document to present for government agency, traveling processing, valuation process or bank loan.

If your property is genuinely purchase there is no any other documents that supersede or perform same similarity function with CofO, but if your CofO document where base and process on false information its might latter be trash in court of law.

It’s necessary you follow all due process when purchasing a property or applying to get CofO because there are many facts and historical articles that can win CofO, its owner and said property in court of law.

As a matter of fact, CofO are process the same way other document are processed in government secretariat, though government staff and agency will do their own due diligence but it will be on information submitted by applicant, therefore anyone can process CofO and get certificate.

You have to hire Real Estate professional when purchasing property with or without CofO  to be on a saver side, many already fall in victims of this so call CofO because everyone believe property with CofO has no issues. The questions is how many people verify it before paying and does the CofO they claim to sell is for the same property, many property investors don’t buy property because it has no CofO which is rung move.

You can buy property without CofO when you follow proper procedure and be save than someone who purchase property because it has CofO and neglects other procedure to buy property. I don’t say you should buy anyhow property am only telling you it’s not a crime to buy property without CofO and you will processes it CofO after purchase.

Buying a property with C of O does not mean you now have C of O, am sorry to inform you that you have not, it’s just a title to be sure of what you are buying has a government valid document. You will need to do title change and process another C of O with your own name; you will do the same processing for government to be sure you are now a new owner.

Its now easy to process CofO in Oyo state, you can check government portal for procedure or walk to Ministry of Land at Oyo state secretariat to start your own application. Price, procedure, duration are stated at Oyo state government portal without hidden charges.

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