What Make Us Best, Reliable Top Property Manager, Tenants Manager and Facility Manager in Ibadan and area of Oyo State

A property/Tenants manager is a professional hired by property owners to handle the operations of their rental properties.

Hiring a competent property manager can be especially beneficial for owners who lack the time, expertise, or desire to handle the management tasks associated with rental properties.

Tenants and Property managers play major role in maximizing the value of an investment of property to supersede the stress and time commitment for property owners.

Offering expertise and advice to property owners on matters related to the rental market, property improvements, and investment strategies

Our responsibilities include:

Finding and Screening Tenants

Advertising vacant properties, to ensure that vacant Apartment get in front of numerous strategically targeted tenants and Occupant in Nigeria and abroad

Conducting thorough tenant screening, including background checks and rental history verification to be sure that apartment is giving out to cooperate tenants that can pay subsequence rent easily without stress.

Lease Management

Creating and enforcing lease agreements.

Handling lease and tenancy agreement to the occupant, includes do and don’t in the agreement with clause of renewals and terminations of the rent.

Rent Collection

Setting appropriate rent prices

Collecting rent from tenants

Enforcing late payment penalties if necessary

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Regular property inspections

Coordinating maintenance and repairs

Responding to tenant maintenance requests

Tenant Relations

Addressing tenant complaints and concerns

Handling disputes and conflict resolution

Conducting move-in and move-out inspections

Financial Management

Budgeting for property expenses

Keeping detailed financial records

Providing regular financial reports to property owners

Routine Communication

Maintaining open communication with property owners and providing regular updates on property performance and relevant market trends. Managing paperwork and documentation related to the property and coordinating property-related transactions.

Property management made easy with our Tenants all in one management software.

We ensuring that vacant Apartment get in front of numerous strategically targeted tenants and Occupant in Nigeria and abroad.

We take our time to do proper screening which enable us to let out apartment in our case study to a cooperate and traceable tenants.

Are you looking for who can manage your property effectively?

We manage tenants with value added services with digital app and software that allow owner access, tenants access with automate rent reminder and payment collection without delaying or allow tenants to own rent.

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